A Black German Shepherd Makes A Wonderful Family Pet

Several years ago I had a beautiful black German shepherd. Of all the pets my family has had, this dog held a very special place in our hearts. Not only was he able to interact well with my children as they grew, but he was exceptionally easy to train. We never had any problems with him chewing on shoes or furniture; however, we also made sure that our pet had plenty of physical activity as well as chew toys and opportunities to play.

Black German shepherds are very nice looking animals and they have an easy temperament which makes them ideal for a family pet. Even when my kids were young, our dog would simply walk away if the kids got a little too exuberant. Of course, a German shepherd dog needs plenty of love and interaction with its owners. They are very social animals and thrive on being a part of a family.

While German shepherds are extremely intelligent dogs and can be wonderful companions, good training can make a big difference in their ability to be a good indoor pet. With training, you’ll have a dog who can respond to your commands and who knows how to perform to your expectations.