Deciding What Dog Food To Purchase

Deciding the best dog food to choose from can be quite challenging. This is mostly because there are so many products from so many manufacturers to choose from. The upside of this is, one has a wide range to choose from. Some of the things to consider include the age of the dog, breed, any preexisting medical condition, any allergies, and the texture of the food, the ingredients and even the preference of the pet. To decide on a healthy dog food, one must take into consideration that dogs like humans, require the three macronutrients. It is therefore best to choose food that has the right combination of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

Puppies are usually experiencing growth spurts as compared to their older counterparts, for this reason, they require a healthy dog food that provides them with enough nutrition for this. Older dogs may have problems with dentition which also requires a customized type of dog food. Illnesses such as liver disease in a dog require less protein in the dog’s food. Food allergies necessitate avoidance of dog foods containing the allergen.

The best dog food for dogs can be in the form of many consistencies. There are dry, semi dry, moist and homemade varieties. With each form, there are many varieties available in the market. The best dog foods are easily digested by the dog and leads to the production of stool which is firm and formed. The stool is therefore a good indicator of whether the dog is getting good dog food. For example, if the stool is loose and watery, the diet is therefore not good for the dog.

Many dry type foods are based on rice, chicken or corn. The premium brands usually offer quality ingredients. They are however more expensive but the quantity consumed is usually lower. If the dog is not able to consume dry foods at first, it is advisable to soak the food before serving it to the dog and gradually graduating to completely dry food. Moist food on the other hand should not be combined with other foods as it is safer this way.

The top dog foods available in the market can be found online with a wide range to choose from. Most top dog food brands are mostly concentrated on one form, either dry or canned. Generally before deciding the best food for dogs, the veterinary doctor should be consulted.