Search And Rescue Dogs Require Durable And Safe Harnesses:

Certain dogs, provide the community and world with a great service in the way of search and rescue.  Trainers employed in training these special dogs know the enormity of providing the dog with the correct harness.  Some of the types of search and rescue operations, pertinent to the dog follow, first:

One type canine is the tracking dog.  This courageous canine uses his strong sense of smell in order to follow the scent of a person at ground-level.

The air scent dog tracks odors in the air as opposed to the ground.  This type of search and rescue dog is ideally suited in making discoveries in fields and parks.

An avalanche dog searches for persons trapped underneath the snow.  They are able to locate someone buried 15 feet underneath the snow.  Labradors and German Shepherds are generally used as Avalanche dogs.

Water search dogs are another type of dog used in this line of work.  He or she is able to locate victims of drownings, in the water.  The dog works along the coastline or in boats.  he follows a scent as it rises to the water’s top surface.  The dog slaps the water, and bites at it once he has found the trail.  Retrievers present ideal breeds, relative to this activity.

The best harnesses for dogs are supplied by companies who make special harnesses for this type of activity.  The harness is generally water repellent.  It is machine washable.  It provides the canine with plenty of comfort.  It provides some level of padding.  The harness for dogs is made in such a way the dog does not really notice he is wearing it.  The best dog harnesses for search and rescue operations have padding and no edging.  There is no binding.

The leather dog harness is the best choice for dogs involved in law enforcement.  The breast plate of the harness is generally padded.  Also, a small dog harness is available for smaller breeds that are involved in some form of search and rescue effort.

Regardless of the material, the harness generally provides some sort of padding.  It is not so thin in areas, wherein, the muscular animal tears his way out of it.

Many companies, supplying such niche harnesses have been in business for a number of years.  The longevity of the company assures it has a well-respected reputation:  and regularly search and rescue teams will consult such a company.