Cool Dog Toys Keep Canine Companions Happy And Active

The old saying goes “a dog is man’s best friend.” It is true that a dog becomes part of the family, a companion, a playmate and even a source of comfort and healing for individuals who are suffering from various conditions. Just as dogs bring joy and entertainment into their owners’ lives, pet parents should find ways to make the lives of their fur babies full of fun and activity. Toys for dogs are the perfect way to interact, entertain and encourage healthy behavior for any breed of canine companion.

There are a multitude of choices available but certain products tend to fall in the cool dog toys category. For instance, bubble blowing machines are a great way to have seemingly endless fun with any breed. Dogs love to jump, chase and pop floating bubbles! These machines are budget friendly and utilize bubble solution that is tear free, non-toxic as well as child and pet safe. Another example of a unique playtime toy is a variation of the traditional “tug” toys. Dogs enjoy tugging on things other than just a knotted rope and a tethered toy is a great way to encourage this activity in a cool way. The pole goes into the ground and the tug toy can be pulled and spun a full 360 degrees.

Interactive dog toys are designed to provide unique challenges while keeping a dog interested and engaged for extended periods of time. These products ensure that canines will not bore easily while playing. Interactive options can include unusual sounds that draw attention such as crinkling, squeaking or even sound cards. Some puppy toys will utilize unusual movements like electronic vibrating, bouncing or dangling parts to stay interesting. Among the most popular choices are those that dispense treats when a lever is pushed, puzzle is solved or the toy is rolled in a certain way.

Some of the best dog toys are simply the traditional choices that pet owners have used for many years. These include everything from fetch toys such as Frisbees and tennis balls to chew toys like bones and rubber squeakers. No matter what type of product a pet parent desires, purchasing dog toys online can be the perfect way to shop. The advantages to online shopping include a wider variety of products from which to choose, free shipping, access to customer service representatives and easy return policies. Online retailers also display previous customer reviews so that shoppers can read first-hand accounts of the quality and satisfaction for specific products.